[Gotz: 1359072]

size: 50 cm / 20 inches
fully jointed (5x)
hard body
blond hair
blue eyes
set with 11 pieces

UPC: 4001269590727



Hannah as a really sweet princess! She wears a really stylish pink dress with lots of glittering hearts. The silver tiara in her long blond hairs makes her look like a real princess. Together with her pink dress, she carries the finest ballerinas who are also featured with glittering hearts. When she would like to go out to the playground or picnic, she pulls on her sporting outfit: a pair of jeans, a shirt and trendy sandels.

Her strong and lovely face addresses each true “doll mom”. With her personality and charm Hannah catches the heart of every girl! With each and every Hannah doll a different play theme is added with the matching accessories. The play world of Hannah strikes each child’s heart and promotes their creativity!




All Götz dolls come with high-value hair with a natural appearance. The hair is sewn into the doll’s head and children easily can wash, beautify and comb it (see also the product information).

Hannah is a limited edition handcrafted doll made with the highest attention to quality requirements. Every handcrafted Götz doll comes with a C.O.A. (Certificate Of Authentication) and Götz TM Bracelet. The faces were sketched by a notable doll designer. The Hannah dolls have been brought together into the worlds of play with attention to loving detail -lovely outfits and trendy accesories!


Hannah was priced by the toy committee “kinderspiel+spielzeug” ("children's play + toys") with the seal of approval “spiel gut” ("play well"). 

Dolls produced by Götz are made for play that enhances the development of your child!
The neutral expression, loving details and accesories as well as the ability to pose the doll in natural positions support the role playing of the child. Thus cognitive skills, motor skills, creative abilities and the social behavior of your child are all optimally developed!



HANNAH has a wide variety of choices from the Dolls Boutique 45-50cm/18-20inch

All Gotz Dolls are absolutely free of phthalates!
All Gotz Hannah Dolls can be hand washed!

  • UPC/EAN: 4001269590727
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