[Alessi: HW01]

Design: Liu Xiao Du. Meng Yan, Wang Hui, Urbanus Architecture & Design Inc.
In collaboration with the Beijing Industrial Design Center, 2012.
Material: black melamine
Size: b. 31 x h. 3.5 x d. 43 cm / b.12,4 x h. 1.4 x d. 17.2 inches

Alessi Trayscape designed by Urbanus, it is part of the project "(Un)Forbidden City". In the kitchen or living room, Trayscape empty, waiting for something which will come, looks like a tabletop sculpture, a dark stone shaped like a lake landscape surrounded by rolling hills, typical of a precious traditional Chinese garden. From full, i.e. in use, Trayscape tray, it flips over and the reliefs of the landscape become the points of support to the table top and the smooth surface it becomes the space for the objects and foods to be served. The two opposite souls of Trayscape, the wait contemplative of the empty tray and the functional one of the full tray are captured only individually, one excludes the other.

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