[Hermann: 20250-7]

Teddy bear:
made of high quality mohair 
fully (5x) jointed
with safety eyes
surface washable
limited edition # 683 / 1000 worldwide in 2004
stuffed with wood shavings (excelsior)
21 cm / 8.4 inches

made of solid lime tree wood
hand painted
signed by the Russian maker
27 cm / 10.8 inches

Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.




The most famous representatives of Russian folk art are the Matryoshkas. The first Russian Matryoshka appeared at the end of the 19th century. For over 100 years, this famous doll-in-the-doll is hand carved from the wood of the lime tree. It is hand painted and covered with varnish by highly trained talented Russian artists.

The dolls nestled inside one another are a symbol for the generations and the unity within the family. In former times they were made in a very simple way by parents for their children. But today the Matryoshkas belong to highly desirable collectible items. Because of their unique character and their roots in the old tradition of Russian folk art and last but not least because of their manifold appearances of different designs, the Matryoshkas are in great demand by art-lovers around the world. Whilst there are many thousands of the more simple Souvenir-Matryoshkas, which are still painted today by Russian farmers, the high-class Collectors Matryoshkas are made by graduate artists in very small editions. But nevertheless the basic technique of Matryoshka making has remained unchanged for more than 120 years.




This is a 3-pieces high-class collectible Matryoshka-Set, containing one big original Matryoshka single doll, which can be opened, one small original Matryoshka single doll, which can’t be opened and the Teddy Bear. Both Matryoshka dolls were designed exclusively for HERMANN-Coburg by Russian artists according to this design. They are hand carved and hand painted by high-grade talented Russian artist, who live deep in the Russian countryside. One artist needs about one week to paint five of the Hermann Matryoshkas.


Because of the individual hand painting, each of the Matryoshkas is an individual item. There does not exist any two dolls, which are completely the same. No doll looks exactly like the other. Of course, the artists paint the dolls according to the given design, but the individuality is in the hand of the artist. Therefore the dolls vary in colors and in positioning the design onto the doll. This means that each Matryoshka is a complete original. Each of the big Matryoshka single dolls is signed by the single artist on the bottom of the doll. In the same way like the mohair Bear, the big wooden doll is marked at its neck with the Hermann-Coburg metal neck mark too.







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