2017 Gotz 1591119 BABY PURE SPEELPOP 33 cm / 13 inch

[Gotz: 1591119]

33 cm / 13.2 inches
no hair
hand painted blue eyes
soft body, stuffed with fluffy wadding and pellets
vinyl head and hands

UPC: 4001269911195


The new series Baby Pure was designed specially for the very small ones (0+). Much attention was paid to the development of security, strain capacity and ecology, the Baby Pure series are also machine washable and wash dryer suitable. Equipped with many loving details, she will be your child’s favourite in no time!




There is no extra garment for the Baby Pure dolls, because the clothing is sewn firmly together with the body.

  • Face and hands out of vinyl, with soft back of the head
  • Body and head cuddly soft stuffed with cotton wadding
  • Pollutant free material out of controlled biological substances (KbA)
  • Suitable for the smallest (0+)
  • Weight: approx. 150 gram / 5.3 ounce
  • Machine washable and wash dryer suitable



Dolls produced by Götz are made for play that enhances the development of your child!
The neutral expression, loving details and accessories as well as the ability to pose the doll in natural positions support the role playing of the child. Thus cognitive skills, motor skills, creative abilities and the social behaviour of your child are all optimally developed!

All Gotz Dolls are absolutely free of phthalates!
All Gotz Baby Pure Dolls can be hand washed!

  • UPC/EAN:4001269911195
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