[Gotz: 1690390]

  • size: 46 cm / 18.4 inches
  • blond hair
  • blue SLEEPING eyes
  • hand washable
  • hair can be beautified and combed
  • jointed soft fabrics body with vinyl arms and legs
  • fully poseable

UPC: 4001269903909





All Götz dolls come with high-value hair with a natural appearance. The hair is sewn into the doll’s head and children easily can wash, beautify and comb it (see also the product information).
The doll’s body is made out of fabrics and filled with cotton wadding, nevertheless firm enough so that she can stand up perfectly. The doll is fully (5x) jointed and poseable. The high-quality hair can be washed very well and perfectly beautified.






ATTENTION: Not suited for children under 3 years, because of asphyxiation danger through small parts which might get swallowed. 

Jessica has a wide variety of choices from the Dolls Boutique 45-50cm /18-20 inches

All Gotz Dolls are absolutely free of phthalates!
All Gotz Dolls can be hand washed!

  • UPC/EAN: 4001269903909
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