Gelimiteerde Edities

Hermann 20641-3 Fancy 2 Teddy bear Tipped Mohair

Second in the Series Hermann Fancy Bear SeriesLimited Edition of only 250 WorldwideLong hair Tipped MohairPolyester / Granulate FillingFully (5x) JointedWith double Heart around the neck as symbol of "Fancy 2"37 cm / 14.5 inches



Teddy bear:made of high quality mohair blond fully (5x) jointedwith safety eyessurface washable limited edition # 683 / 1000 worldwide in 2004stuffed with wood shavings (excelsior)21 cm / 8.4 inches Matryoshka:made of solid lime tree woodhand paintedsigned by the Russian maker27 cm / 10.8 inchesCaution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only. The most famous representatives of Russian folk art are the Matryoshkas. The first Russian Matryoshka appeared at the end of the 19th century. For over 100 years, this famous doll-in-the-doll is hand carved from the wood of the lime tree. It is hand painted and covered with varnish by highly trained talented Russian artists. The dolls nestled inside one another are a symbol for the generations and the unity within the family. In former times they were made in a very simple way by parents for their children. But today the Matryoshkas belong to highly desirable collectible items. Because of their unique character and their roots in the old tradition of Russian folk art and last but not least because of their manifold appearances of different designs, the Matryoshkas are in great demand by art-lovers around the world. Whilst there are many thousands of the more simple Souvenir-Matryoshkas, which are still painted today by Russian farmers, the high-class Collectors Matryoshkas are made by graduate artists in very small editions. But nevertheless the basic technique of Matryoshka making has remained unchanged for more than 120 years. This is a 3-pieces high-class collectible Matryoshka-Set, containing one big original Matryoshka single doll, which can be opened, one small original Matryoshka single doll, which can’t be opened and the Teddy Bear. Both Matryoshka dolls were designed exclusively for HERMANN-Coburg by Russian artists according to this design. They are hand carved and hand painted by high-grade talented Russian artist, who live deep in the Russian countryside. One artist needs about one week to paint five of the Hermann Matryoshkas. Because of the individual hand painting, each of the Matryoshkas is an individual item. There does not exist any two dolls, which are completely the same. No doll looks exactly like the other. Of course, the artists paint the dolls according to the given design, but the individuality is in the hand of the artist. Therefore the dolls vary in colors and in positioning the design onto the doll. This means that each Matryoshka is a complete original. Each of the big Matryoshka single dolls is signed by the single artist on the bottom of the doll. In the same way like the mohair Bear, the big wooden doll is marked at its neck with the Hermann-Coburg metal neck mark too.


Hermann 20121-0 Mama Kangaroo Limited Edition 100

Limited Edition of 100 (!!!) pcs. WorldwideMade of Genuine Mohair1x jointed (turnable head)Size: 21 cm / 8.4 inches


Hermann 20120-3 Baby Kangaroo

Made of Genuine Mohair1x jointed (turnable head)Size: 14 cm / 5.6 inches

Hermann 19165-8 Elvis The King Teddy bear, the Wild Sixties

Winner 2007 of the TOBY Industry's Choice Awards!Limited Edition of 500 pcs for Europe OnlyComplete with his Pink Teddy bear in his pawMade of Genuine MohairFully (5x) jointedWith GrowlerExcelsior (wood shavings) stuffedCertificate of OriginSize: 40 cm / 16 inches


Hermann 16001-2 Little Hermannchen Teddy bear of the Year 2005

Genuine fine curly blond MohairFully (5x) jointedStuffed with Wood Shavings (Excelsior)With GrowlerWith velvet two-tone (Burgundy-Brown) Cap, complete with two wood blocks at the endWith "Hermann" wood blocks around his neckSize: 40 cm / 16 inchesLimited Edition for the Year 2005Complete with C.O.A. (#223)COMPLETELY SOLD OUT AT HERMANN!


Hermann 15103-4 The Andes Bear of the Year 2003

Dark Brown and White Genuine Mohair25 cm / 10 inch tallSoft Poly FillingDark Brown Velvet PawsCertificate of Origin Limited for the Year 2003Completely Sold Out at Hermann Spielwaren

Hermann 13268-9 Ship Ahoy Sailor Teddy with Wooden Ship

Blonde Sparse Genuine Mohair30 cm / 12 inch tallFully Jointed (5x)Blond Fabric PawsSoft Poly FillingBlue Navy Scarf around his neckWith Wooden Sail Ship Certificate of Origin numbered 128 / 500Completely Sold Out at Hermann Spielwaren



EUROPEAN EDITIONTeddy: Genuine mauve MohairFully (5x) jointedStuffed with wood shavings (Excelsior)With GrowlerWith red leather CollarWith brown felt SlippersSize: 36 cm / 14.4 inchesCat:Genuine white MohairHead jointedWith many airbrush detailsWith felt "play slipper" with fur liningSize: 10 cm / 4 inchesWooden Cart with Cat Pillow:Dimensions L x W x H: 20 x 12.5 x 10 cm / 8 x 6 x 4 inchesPulling Stick lenght: 22.5 cm / 9 inchesLimited Edition of 250This is #48 / 250


Hermann 11960-7 Classic White Tipped Teddy bear

Genuine White Tipped Cinnamon MohairFully (5x) jointedWith GrowlerGenuine red leather collar with copper bellGenuine Woodshavings (Excelsior) filling31 cm / 12.4 inchesLimited Edition of only 250 pieces WorldwideCOMPLETELY SOLD OUT AT HERMANN SPIELWAREN


Hermann 10250-0 Max Hermann Classic Birthday Bear 1999

Genuine fine curly tipped MohairFully (5x) jointedStuffed with Wood Shavings (Excelsior)With GrowlerWith green satin BowSize: 42 cm/ 17 inchesLimited Edition of 2,000 in 1999Complete with C.O.A. (#1903) Produced on occasion of the 100th Birthday of Max Hermann (1899-1999).Winner of the TED Worldwide Award 1999 and nominated for the Golden Teddy Award 1999.COMPLETELY SOLD OUT AT HERMANN!


Hermann 10241-8 Yellow 90 Years Commemoration Bear 1913-2003

In Memoriam of Arthur, Adelheid and Max Hermann, October 24, 1913 (Foundation of Hermann Spielware)Warm Yellow Genuine Mohair47 cm / 18.8 inch tallFully Jointed (5x)With GrowlerWood Shavings (Excelsior) FillingEngraved Brass Plaque around his neckCertificate of Origin numbered 73 / 1,000Completely Sold Out at Hermann Spielwaren


Hermann 10239-5 Martin's Birth Bear 300 pcs for the UK only

Martin's Birth Bear is a United Kingdom Exclusive in a Limited Edition of 300 pieces. He holds the English miniature edition of Rolf and Dorle Hermann's Wedding Day Paper in his paw.Made of Genuine MohairFully jointedGrowlerExcelsior (wood shavings) stuffedEnglish certificate of originSize: 48 cm / 19 inchesCOMPLETELY SOLD OUT AT HERMANN



on occasion of the 80th Birtday of Hannelore, Max Hermann's daughter made of high quality mohairdark brown with growlerfully (5x) jointedwith safety eyessurface washable limited edition # 24 / 200 for Europe only in 2007stuffed with wood shavings (excelsior)with copy of original photo of Hannelore together with this Teddy. Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.


2006 Hermann 11963-8 CLASSIC TEDDY BABY BEAR

made of high quality mohairlight blond and whitewith growlerwith blue silk tiefully (5x) jointedwith safety eyessurface washable limited edition 40 / 250 pieces worldwide in 2006stuffed with wood shavings (excelsior)33 cm / 13.2 inches Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.


2005 Hermann 19051-4 CORBINIAN'S BEAR ALPACA

made of finest alpaca dark brown 6-way jointedwith double neck-joints which allows the head to turn in all natural positionspolyester filling surface washablelimited edition of 500 pcs. worldwide32 cm / 12.5 inches CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only. The bear as our "Ways Companion", which carries our burden for us. In its symbolical meaning the bear is seen here as a loyal friend which accompanies us. We can trust the bear confidently with our baggage filled and corded with all our joy and grief. According to the legend and in the same kind as the Corbinian's Bear is depicted in the Coat of Arms of Pope Benedict XVI ... he is supplied with two corded bundles which the bear carries for us. By this everebody can interpret its own history of life to the bear and its baggage.With his double-neck-joint Korbinian bear can move his head in any natural direction. On his back he carries the baggage of bishop Korbinian to Rome. The bear has an open mouth and is limited to only 500 pieces worldwide. With certificate of authenticity.Holy Korbinian is patron of the archdiocese Munich-Freising.



made of high quality mohair blond fully (5x) jointedsurface washable limited edition # 30 / 100 worldwide in the year 2005 stuffed with firm polyester 36 cm / 14.4 inches Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.PLEASE NOTE: We also have the Prince Christian of Denmark Teddy and Kangaroo available ... with identical unique number: #30/100 The Crown Princess Mary of Denmark Teddy bear was produced on occasion of the birth of her son Prince Christian of Denmark.She was born as Mary Elizabeth Donaldson, in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia and is married to Crown Prince Frederik, the heir to the Danish Throne.


2003 Hermann 22076-1 SNAIL MAIL TEDDY TOBY 2003 WINNER

Teddy:made of high quality mohairdark blond fully (5x) jointedwearing postman outfit and post bag with letterswith safety eyessurface washable limited edition # 149 / 500 worldwidestuffed with wood shavings (excelsior)16 cm / 6.4 inch tallSnail:made of high quality mohairdark brown / blondseveral paintbrush detailsunderneath metal frame with wooden wheels and pull string30 cm / 12 inch tall Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.


2003 Hermann 15981-8 12th ANNUAL YEAR BEAR CORALENA

made of high quality mohairpale redwith growlerfully (5x) jointedwith safety eyessurface washable limited edition for the year 2003stuffed with wood shavings (excelsior)36 cm / 14.4 inches Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.



made of high quality mohair white fully (5x) jointed surface washable limited edition #413 / 500 pieces worldwide in 2002 stuffed with firm polyester 36 cm / 14.4 inches Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.



made of finest mohair reddish blond 5-way jointed surface washable with safety eyes limited edition to the year 2002 stuffed with wood shavings with growler 40 cm / 16 inches CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.