Steiff 037153 TEDDYBEER ROKENDE HERDER MET LAM #100 / 2008

[Steiff: 037153]

gemaakt van het fijnste mohair
5-maal geschijfd
met massief hout en metaal herderstaf
met rookfunctie door pijp (wierrook)

met veiligheid ogen
24 cm / 9,6 inches

gemaakt van het fijnste alpaca

9 cm / 3,6 inches

met veiligheid ogen
gevuld met synthetisch vulmateriaal
bevestigd op houten voetstuk
gelimiteerde editie van 3,000 stuks, dit is uniek #100 (!)
met vergulde "Button in Ear"
oppervlakte reinigbaar
fabrieksnieuw met genummerd certificaat (#100) en gelimiteerde editie doos
PAS OP! Dit product is geen speelgoed en alleen bedoeld voor volwassen verzamelaars.

UPC: 4001505037153

In his everyday life, he is at home in the meadows. And he is a true sensation from the Steiff Company – the first Steiff Teddy bear that can smoke! The sensational new Shepherd Teddy bear likes to get comfortable at Christmas time in a warm and cosy place at the home of a true Steiff fan. The adorable Teddy bear Incense Smoker is made of wavy, sand-coloured mohair and is wearing a lovely cape made of mottled wool felt. His large, dark green brimmed hat, handmade by a German hat maker, is also made of wool felt. His friendly facial features are carefully hand made and accentuated with airbrush technique – his pointed shepherd shovel and his wooden pipe that he holds in his mouth with pleasure give him his authentic shepherd’s charm. Yet this Teddy bear can do much more than simply herd sheep – he is, after all, the first Steiff Teddy bear that can smoke.

There is a beech wood insert inside the body that was especially developed and produced for Steiff and for these bears by the experts on incense smokers from the Erz Mountains in Germany. So that this shepherd bear can leisurely smoke his pipe, simply remove the head, place the incense cone inside the metal holder in the insert, light it and then reinsert the insert into the body. Inside the shepherd bear’s head is also a wooden cylinder with an air hole for the pipe that enables him to smoke his pleasant-smelling pipe and spread the wonderful Christmas fragrance in his owner’s home. This sweet-smelling fellow is accompanied by an adorable little green-eyed lamb. The lamb is made of soft, thick alpaca and is stitched and painted by hand with lots of loving attention to detail. The shepherd and lamb duo are atop a stained, lacquered beech wood stand and therefore remains calm and collected even in the turbulent time before Christmas. The new Teddy bear Incense Smoker series is a limited edition of 3,000 pieces worldwide.

  • UPC/EAN:4001505037153
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