[Steiff: 400513]

genuine mohair
fully (5x) jointed  
limited edition of 1,908 pieces worldwide
stuffed with wood-shavings (Excelsior)
with supergrowler and boot-button eyes
with underscored button made of patinated steel
46 cm / 18.4 inches 
Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.

UPC: 4001505400513

A lovingly created Replica of the legendary 1908 Teddy bear -but with a completely new voice that draws on Steiff's 100 years of experience with growlers!

The Anniversary Teddy bear is also known for his "supergrowl".
This is because the faithful Replica now boasts a more attractive growl that lasts about twice as long as most. This superb innovation is presented by Steiff as a new product in 2008.

Steiff developed this wonderful new feature together with a true sound specialist to mark the 100th Anniversary of the growler.
You will never forget the moment when the 1908 Anniversary bear gazes at you with his warm, friendly boot-button eyes -or the feeling of holding a true Steiff Original with the time-honored trademark: the underscored button made of patinated steel!

Paul the growling bear is a replica of a Teddy bear from the year 1908. His unique charm and unbelievably friendly character evokes memories of days gone by. Paul has very bright and watchful boot-button eyes and is made of long-tufted, blond mohair that has a little soft shine and the traces left behind by many loving hands. The mohair has been specially treated and discreetly patinated with a bronze colour – as well as the felt paws of the legendary “Bruin the Bear” that tell the stories of a bear’s eventful life. Thus Paul the growling bear elates both Steiff friends and collectors alike in a Limited Edition of 1,908 pieces worldwide. His genuine character with the classic stuffing made of wood shavings, the ”underscored button“ made of patinated steel plus the nicer-sounding, longer-lasting growl that was re-developed on the occasion of his 100th birthday by an organ builder from Giengen make him a sought-after collectors item of lasting value.


  • UPC/EAN: 4001505400513
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