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made of finest light brown mohair
fully (5x) jointed, surface washable
limited edition of 1,908 pieces world wide
stuffed with wood shavings with boot-button eyes
with removable hot-water bottle
“underscored button” made of patinated steel
58 cm / 23.2 inch
Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.

UPC: 4001505408014

This Teddy bear can tell a truly eventful story: In 1906, an extremely harsh winter fell on the city of Berlin and covered it in snow – and as we all know, necessity is the mother of invention, a Teddy bear was converted into a holder for a hot-water bottle in order to bring a little warmth into the cold days with extremely low temperatures.

In March 1907, this hot-water bottle bear, in whose tummy a hot-water bottle made of metal was hidden that could be filled with hot water, was entered by Steiff as a registered design. The friendly Teddy bear with the wide open, boot-button eyes that look out into the world has a friendly as well as pragmatic nature and is made of light brown mohair and stuffed with wood shavings. On the inside – where the hot-water bottle is found – he has a lining made of felted wool. Whereas this special Teddy bear was produced in 2001 with a size of 50 centimetres, the replicas of this edition have an impressive size of 58 centimetres in a Limited Edition of 1,908 pieces. Each of these “warm-hearted” bears also “bears“ the Steiff underscored “Button-in-Ear” made of patinated steel.

  • UPC/EAN: 4001505408014
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