[Steiff: 657610]

gemaakt van het fijnste mohair
blond bruin getipt
5-maal geschijfd
met Italiaanse hoogglans gelakte muziekdoos, gevoerd met rood fluweel, spelend Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D major (18-tone)
met dupion zijde sjerp met geborduurde tekst "Rembrandt 400 jaar 1606-2006"
met vilten hoed en handgeselecteerde struisvogelveer
met veiligheid ogen
gevuld met synthetisch vulmateriaal
gelimiteerde editie van 1.500 stuks, exclusief voor Nederland in 2006
met vergulde "Button in Ear"
30 cm / 11,9 inches
oppervlakte reinigbaar
fabrieksnieuw met genummerd certificaat en speciale gelimiteerde editie doos
PAS OP! Dit product is geen speelgoed en alleen bedoeld voor volwassen verzamelaars.

UPC: 4001505657610

On 15th July 1606, one of the greatest 17th century Dutch painters was born in Leiden in the Netherlands, namely Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. As he grew to become a giant in the history of Art so he became known as simply Rembrandt, the master of light and shadow famous the world over. Although this was only his first name, it was so uncommon that he was able to use it to sign his paintings.

Born the son of a miller and a baker's daughter, Rembrandt spent most of his youth painting in Leiden. By 1631, the fame of the then just 25-year old was already so widespread that he was given a number of orders for portraits in Amsterdam. So he moved to this great city and lived there until his death on 4th October 1669.

Rembrandt completed some 350 paintings, 300 etchings and 1,000 drawings, including his probably most famous picture "The Night Watch", dating from 1642.

In honour of the Great Master, the Steiff Rembrandt Teddy bear is made of real mohair and has been lovingly crafted by hand. Both the ruff and hat with an ostrich feather have been selected with the greatest of care. As a limited edition, each Rembrandt Teddy bear has a white, consecutively numbered ear tag and a gold-plated "Button in Ear".


  • UPC/EAN: 4001505657610
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