[Steiff: 661068]

gemaakt van het fijnste mohair
5-maal geschijfd
met ingebouwde muziekdoos, melodie: "zie ginds komt de stoomboot"
met veiligheid ogen
met metalen "Sint staf"
gevuld met synthetisch vulmateriaal
gelimiteerde editie van 1.500 stuks voor Nederland, België en Frankrijk in 2003
uniek nummer #29 (!)
met vergulde "Button in Ear"
27 cm / 10,6 inches
oppervlakte reinigbaar
fabrieksnieuw met genummerd certificaat en gelimiteerde editie rood-fluwelen zak
PAS OP! Dit product is geen speelgoed en alleen bedoeld voor volwassen verzamelaars.

UPC: 4001505661068

The History:
Nicholas, born in Turkey during the third century, became known for his generosity to those in need, his concern for sailors (Patron Saint) and above all his love for children. Many legends tell the tale of his life. As Bishop of Myra he died on December 6th, 343 AD. This day has become a day of celebration in many European Countries, St. Nicholas Day, a day for gift giving and merrymaking for all the young and young at heart.

The Dutch Tradition:
The Dutch tradition of "Sinterklaas" begins at the beginning of November. The shop windows start to fill up with all the Sinterklaas attributes: gift-wrapped cardboard boxes, replicas of Sinterklaas and "Zwarte Piet" (Black Pete), chocolate letters and “pepernoten”. Halfway through November there is a big spectacle when he arrives in the Netherlands. A television crew awaits his arrival at one of the more photogenic ports where he docks his steam boat full of presents, Zwarte Pieten, and his horse. They are welcomed by a huge audience of parents and children.

Sinterklaas simultaneously arrives at every city or village in the Netherlands. He goes on a tour through the village accompanied by several Zwarte Pieten, who hand out (throw actually) different types of sweets around for children. After this day, Sinterklaas begins his assessment of all the children's behaviour in the past year, and proceeds to hand out presents. It all culminates on December 5th in the evening.

  • UPC/EAN:4001505661068
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