[Steiff: 661792]

made of finest alpaca 
gray and white 
fully (5x) jointed
surface washable
limited edition of 2,000 pieces for the UK in 2005 
with growler
with gold-plated "Button in Ear" 
40 cm / 16 inches
Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.

UPC: 4001505661792

Koala Ted is a fine example in a unique and exciting series who pay tribute to the providers of their stimulus, yet unfold a brand new fresh design. The captivating and comical bundles of silver-gray and white fur often found clinging tenaciously to eucalyptus branches are the best known and best loved of the Australian marsupials. Some animals are just more popular than others, and the Koala is one of them. These toy-like tree dwellers were first spotted in 1798 when they were abundant; however, sadly today they are less commonplace. This innovative and very cute Koala totally embodies the striking markings and unforgettable presence of his inspiration, yet embraces individuality. The finest alpaca mohair has been used to capture the Koala's cuddly, ash-gray fur and the attention to detail that is synonymous with Steiff.

  • UPC/EAN:4001505661792
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