[Steiff: 677830]

made of finest silk plush
5-way jointed
with safety eyes
with silk kimono
with wooden tea cup
with traditional Japanese lacquerware black wooden bear stand
stuffed with synthetic filling material
limited edition of 1,500 pieces for Japan in 2014
with gold-plated "Button in Ear"
22 cm / 8.8 inches
surface washable
CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.

UPC: 4001505677830

The Sado tea ceremony Teddy bear is made from ecru silk plush and limited to 1,500 pieces. The kimono silk material feels soft and the transparent and glossy eyes are like a charm. Everything made with a great attention to detail. Sado is a ritualized form of serving tea, expressing "Wakeiseijaku" or mutual respect and thoughtfulness, which brings harmony among and between people and things by appreciating art pieces that are presented during the ceremony. Enshu Sado (Tea) school has 400 years of history. Kobori Enshu, the originator, was a feudal lord of the early 17th century (Edo Era) and was considered a great tea master of the time. He was the Sado instructor for the Tokugawa Shogunate, and has left behind a great legacy in paintings, calligraphic works, poetry, architecture and gardens.

  • UPC/EAN:4001505677830
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