[Naef: 9648]

Invisible magical powers!

Magnaef allows to playfully explore the enchanted world of magical powers. With the magnetic wand, new motifs can be conjured up in a flash with the metal balls on the surface. Abracadabra and the letter or number disappears with a stroke of the red wand. Each ball has its fixed position which makes Magnaef the ideal game when traveling.
For the magnetic sketching pad Magnaef, designer Omri Rothschild placed 116 steel balls in a black round plastic case which is manufactured with great precision. If you let the red "Magic Pen" wander over it, the balls pop up and stay there. Thus images and symbols can be conjured. With the palm of your hand or the pen rolled laterally over it, the picture can be erased again. On a smooth surface the magnetic pad can also be rotated which turns the patterns into shiny moving circles- a bautiful creative exercise for adults and children.

Like all games of the traditional Swiss manufacturer Naef, the magnetic game Magnaef is a pleasure to pick up and just go along with it.

Diameter: 9.5 cm / 3.8 inches
Height: 1.3 cm / 0.5 inches

Design: Omri Rotschild

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