Naef 9906 OOVAL WOODEN TOP BI-COLOURED / Ulrich Namislov

[Naef: 9906]

Optical phenomena

It is simply fascinating to experience the effect and how our eyes are surprised when these different graphic spinning top is rotated. It has its own special character and appeal depending on the speed of rotation. The "Ooval" becomes an imaginary circle. Extremely fascinating!

Ooval is a spinning top which stays in balance even when it doesn't rotate. The body is a flat oval lightweight disc made of wood. No skills are required to set it in a long and stable motion. The printed decoration creates an optical effect when rotating.

This spinning top is being manufactured in the south of Germany for the Swiss family-run company Naef which has a long tradition of making high quality wooden toys. Their wood is taken from sustainably managed forests in Europe. The varnish used is eco-friendly.

The ooval is:

  • length 15 cm, width 10,5 cm
  • Swiss design, made in Germany
  • for adults and children from the age of 6

BEWARE: The spinning top's stick can be removed and can be swallowed. The spinning top is also fragile and can be broken easily. For these reasons it is not suitable for infants and children under the age of 6.

Ulrich Namislow

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