Naef 9911.4 JUBA CATERPILLAR ORANGE WOOD | Xavier de Clippeleir

[Naef: 9911.4]

Master Every Move!
Who’s that, peeping around the corner? Isn’t it a little orange caterpillar? Juba has a flexible rubber thread inside and can twist and turn into different positions like a real caterpillar. What eyes Juba has – aren’t they irresistible?
This little caterpillar's ability to twist and turn delights both adults and children!

Dimensions: L = 20 cm / 8 inches, Ø = 4 cm / 1.6 inches

Only high-quality woods from environmentally-friendly green lumber sites in Europe are used.
Colored with only the highest quality paints and varnishes.

Xavier de Clippeleir

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