[Steiff: 038785]

made of finest mohair
reddish brown
5-way jointed
with black boot button eyes
with gold embroidered blue bow “1907-2007”
stuffed with synthetic filling material
with gold-plated underscored "Button in Ear"
28 cm / 11.2 inches
surface washable
brand new with attached numbered certificate of origin
CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.

UPC: 4001505038785

A Million Hugs for a Million Bears ...

Can you imagine a million Teddy bears being produced in just one year???
If you lined them up paw to paw, they would form a chain from Amsterdam to Paris!
This high-water mark was reached in 1907 and has remained unsurpassed ever since. The 100-year Anniversary of this remarkable achievement is marked with an extra-special Trio of Teddy bears ...
In honor of the occasion, all three (Steiff EAN 038778 / 038785 / 038792) sport an elegant bow bearing the years "1907" and "2007" embroidered in gold threat.

The three Teddy bears, miniature versions of the Steiff 400506 A Million Hugs Teddy bear 1907, are in party mood and invite all Steiff fans to pick them up and hug them ... after all, their motto is: "A Million Hugs".
The word "hug" was specifically chosen because, as well as being a synonym for "embrace" -something that has always been associated with Steiff Teddy bears- it has also come to be used as a collective term for Teddy bears.
Only three thousand of each of the three Anniversary bears have been produced in all, each one featuring its individual edition number on its white ear tag.
And as if this were not enough, a gold-plated "Button in Ear" is re-introduced for the first time, featuring the 1907 Steiff lettering with the final "F" in the name Steiff tailing back as far as the "E".
Experts call this an "underscored button" ... other people call it a dignified reminder of a Year of a Million Hugs!

  • UPC/EAN:4001505038785
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