Steiff Club


gemaakt van het fijnste wol vilt cappuccino 5-maal geschijfd met Swarovski kristal hagedis detail op rechter borst met veiligheid ogen gevuld met synthetisch vulmateriaal gelimiteerde editie van 1,250 stuks voor Steiff Clubleden met vergulde "Button in Ear" 31 cm / 12,4 inches oppervlakte reinigbaar fabrieksnieuw met genummerd certificaat en gelimiteerde editie doos PAS OP! Dit product is geen speelgoed en alleen bedoeld voor volwassen verzamelaars. UPC: 4001505421549



made of finest grey feltsurface washablelimited edition of 3,100 for Steiff Club members onlywith gold-plated “Button in Ear”12 cm / 4.8 inches Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.The Felt elephant on wheels, was created on the basis of the elephant of the elephant trademark, with his trunk curved upwards to form the "S" that stood for the Steiff brand name all those years ago. Like the historical originals, he is very simple; the only accessory accompanying him is the elephant-embossed gold-plated button trademark. He is 12 cm / 4.8 inches in size, made out of wool felt and comes in a box with certificate of authenticity. The edition size is 3,100 pieces.


Steiff Club 420436 BEAR AND ELEPHANT EGG COSY SET 2004

Genuine MohairLimited Edition for Steiff Club members only in 200412 cm / 4.8 inches eachCaution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.The Bear and Elephant are each 12 cm / 4.8 inches high, made out of mohair and come in a box with certificate of authenticity. The bear has a green satin bow around his neck, while the elephant's bow is russet-coloured. This is the third set in a series of three. The other Club Sets were Rabbit and Lamb (2002) and Hen and Chick (2003).


Steiff Club 420474 CAMEL ON A PINCUSHION 2004

made of finest cotton velvetsurface washablegreat airbrush detailglass pearl eyeslimited edition for Steiff Club members onlywith gold-plated “Button in Ear”8 cm / 3.2 inches Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.UPC: 4001505420474The 1892 catalog from "Filz-Spielwarenfabrik Giengen a.d. Brenz", the felt business that would become Margarete Steiff GmbH a few years later, featured a camel as the company's first logo. From the early 1900's on, camels have been an important animal in the Steiff menagerie. This Camel on a pincushion, replica 1904, which is 8 cm in size, is made from the highest quality cotton velvet and is lovingly decorated by hand. The head, neck and hump are detailed with braided long shiny mohair. The camel's tiny, lifelike face is brought to life with glass pearl eyes and intricate paintwork. His mouth is embroidered by hand. He rests peacefully on a cord-edged velvet pincushion. The camel comes in a nice box with certificate of authenticity. Other pieces issued in this series are Little elephant pincushion (2002), Frog pincushion (2003) and Cat on a pincushion (2006).



gemaakt van het fijnste mohair blond 5-voudig verbonden met schijven (hoofd en ledematen) met veiligheids ogen shirt geborduurd met geboortedatum van de Steiff Club: 01.04.1992 gevuld met synthetisch vulmateriaal met vergulde "Button in Ear" gelimiteerde editie tot eind 2007 (dit is #00642) 25 cm / 10 inches oppervlak wasbaar fabrieksnieuw met alle labels en Sterrenbeeld boekje (Duits / Engels) met originele Steiff zwart katoen zak, met geborduurd Ram sterrenbeeldteken VOORZICHTIG! Dit product is geen speelgoed en is alleen bedoeld voor volwassen verzamelaars. UPC: 4001505420566



genuine deep black glossy mohairfully (5x) jointedsealing wax nosehigh gloss shoe button eyesstuffed with wood shavings (Excelsior)40 cm / 16 inches talllimited edition of 3.000 and only available to Steiff Club members in 2008Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.UPC: 4001505420825 The 1907 black "5228" Teddy bear, 40 cm / 16 inches tall and well looked after in the Steiff Archives, was the inspiration for this exclusive 2008 Club Edition. He was probably also the model for subsequent series of black Teddy bears, who however, differed by having a stitched nose and eyes backed with red felt. This fine Replica mirrors the Original bear in every detail, including his striking sealing-wax nose. He is crafted from the highest quality mohair plush with an extreme deep black gloss.His paws are made of woollen felt and his mouth and claws are hand-stotched. He is stuffed by hand with fine wood shavings. His Pendant depicts the 2008 Club Logo. As a true Replica he has, of course, the underscored button in his left ear in the exclusive design made of patinated steel, making him a very special member of his species!



genuine brass blond mohairfully (5x) jointed21 cm / 8.4 inchesSteiff Club logo embroidered on his right back pawonly available during our Steiff Club Events in 2008Caution: This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only.He carries a white, consecutively numbered ear tag and the famous gold-plated Button in Ear, and comes -of course- with an equally numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Our "Paullie" is an absolutely stunning little guy!


Steiff Club 420955 GOUDBLONDE TEDDYBEER 2008

made of finest mohair gold blond 5-way jointed with green satin bow embroidered with gold-coloured yarn with safety eyesstuffed with synthetic filling materiallimited annual Steiff Club Edition for Club members only in 2008 with gold-plated "Button in Ear" with embroidered black cotton bag30 cm / 12 inches surface washable brand new with numbered certificate of origin and limited edition embroidered black cotton bag CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only. UPC: 4001505420955The 2008 Annual Edition for Steiff Club Members is a really elegant fellow!Instead of the usual porcelain pendant, he sports a green satin bow, embroidered with gold-coloured yarn, with wording: "STEIFF CLUB / EDITION 2008". He is crafted from high-quality curly gold-blond mohair, and his nose, mouth and claws are stitched by hand with brown yarn. The hand sewn green satin bow highlights the warm color of this gold blond Teddy bear and a golden color has also been selected for the soles of his feet and his paws, similarly made of the finest mohair. The Club Edition Teddy bear was limited to the Steiff 2008 Club Year and only abvailable from authorized Club Stores like us.


Steiff Club 420979 ANNUAL EDITION TEDDY BEAR 2009

made of the finest brass mohairfully (5x) jointedsurface washableproduction limited to the year 200930 cm / 12 inchessurface washable CAUTION! This product is not a toy and is intended for adult collectors only. UPC: 4001505420979